stainless steel, 316l, 316, 302, 32,1 347, 410, 416, 440, stainless steel for sale





302 A QQS763 MILS7720 AMS5636
303/303SE A,B QQS763 MILS7720 AMS5640,5641
304/304L A QQS763   AMS5639,5647
316/316L A QQS763 MILS7720 AMS5648,5653
321 A QQS763   AMS5645
347 A QQS763   AMS5646
410 A QQS763   AMS5613
416 A QQS763   AMS5610
440 A QQS763   AMS5630,5631
13-8 MO A     AMS5629
15-5 PH A     AMS5659
17-4 PH A A     AMS5643
Shapes: Round, Flat, Square and Hex.




304 A, 1/8HD AMS5565,5566,5560,5567 MILT8504,6845,8506
321 A, 1/8HD AMS5559,5570,5557,5576 MILT8606,8808,6737,8973
347 A, 1/8HD AMS5558,5571,5556,5575 MILT8606,8808,6737,8973
21-6-9 A, 1/8HD 1/4HD AMS5561,5562  





301 A 1/4HD,1/2HD 2B QQS766 MILS5059 AMS5515,5517
  3/4HD, Full       AMS5518,5519
302 A 2B & No.4 QQS766 MILS5059 AMS5516
304/304L A 2B QQS766 MILS5059 AMS5513,5511
309 A 2D QQS766   AMS5523
310 A 2D QQS766   AMS5521
316/316L A 2B QQS766 MILS5059 AMS5524
321 A 2D QQS766 MILS6721 AMS5510
330 A 2D   ASTMB536 AMS5592
347 A 2D QQS766 MILS6721 AMS5512
410 A 2D QQS766   AMS5504
418 A 2D     AMS5508
15-5 PH A 2D     AMS5862
15-7 PH A 2D     AMS5520
17-4 PH A 2B QQS766   AMS5604
17-7 PH A 2D QQS766 MILS25043 AMS5528
AM 350 A 2D     AMS5546,5548
AM 350 A 2D     AMS5547,5594
Sheet thicknesses .010" to .187"
Plate thicknesses .187" to x.000"



PH-13-8 MO STO160LB0013 HMS-6-1105 AMS-5629. STM-05-602. CAP ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-13, AMS-2300, DMS 2100
15-5-PH   AMS-5659,AMS-2300,CAP. ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-12
15-7   AMS 5657
17-4 PH Exc. Sonic, LBO-160-133, CAP ASTM-A-564 Grade 630 AMS-5643, AMS-2303, MBO-160-003
17-4 PH “H-1150”   AMS-5643, Chems Only, ASTM-A-564 Cond H 1150
17-4 PH Prec.Grd. Same Specs. As Reg. 17-4.  
17-7 PH   AMS-5644, ASTM-A-564 Type 631
Custom 455 (12-9-2)   AMS-5617
302 MIL-S-7720, QQS-763 ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
302 Cond. “B” MIL-S-7720 AMS-5637 CHEMS ONLY, QQS-763
302 Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7720, QQS-763  
303 Sul MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 AMS-5640, Type 1, QQS-763, QQS-764, ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sul Cond. “B” MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 QQS-764, ASTM-A-320, GR B8F CL2
303 Sul Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 AMS-5640 Type 1, QQS-763C, ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sel MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 AMS-5640 Type 2, AMS-5641, QQS-763C, QQS-764, ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sel Cond. “B” MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 ASTM-A-320, GR B8F CL2,        430, AMS-5738, QQS-763C, QQS-764
303 Sel Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 AMS-5640 Type 2, AMS-5641, QQS-763C, ASTM-A-320
304   QQS-763, AMS-5639, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-320
304 Cond. “B”   QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-193 GRD B8 CL 2
304 Prec. Grd.   QQS-763, AMS-5639, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-320
304 L   QQS-763, AMS-5647, ASTM-A-276
304 L. Vac. Melt.   QQS-763, AMS-5647, ASTM-A-276, MBO-160-037 Exc. Sonic & Tranv.. DMS-2050
309   QQS-763, AMS-5650, ASTM-A-276
310   QQS-763, AMS-5651, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
316 MIL-S-7720 AMS-5648, QQS-763, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-320
316 Cond. “B” (/03 Max. C.) MIL-S-7720A QQS-763D, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-193, GRD B8M CL-2
316 L   QQS-763, AMS-5653,ASTM-A-276,ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
316/316-L Prec. Grd. Same specs as regular 316/316-L  
317   QQS-763, ASTM-A-276
317 L   QQS-763
321   QQS-763, AMS-5645, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-479. ASME-SA-479. ASTM-A-320
330   AMS-5718
347   QQS-763, AMS-5646, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479. ASTM-A-320
AM-355   AMS-5743, ASTM-A-564 Type 634
403   ASTM-A-276. ASTM-A-479
410   QQS-763,AMS-5613, AMS-2303, AMS-5612, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479. ASME-SA-479
416 MIL-W-52263 QQS-763C,QQS-764,AMS-5610, ASTM-A-582
416 Prec. Grd. MIL-W-52263 QQS-763C, AMS-5610
416 HT R.C. 26/32   QQS-763C Cond. H QQS-764 Cond. T, ASTM-A-582 Cond. T, EMS-537A
418 (Greek Ascoloy)   AMS-5616
420   QQS-763, AMS-5621, ASTM-A-276
420 F   AMS-5620 Type 2, ASTM-A-582, QQS-763, AMS-5627, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
430 F MIL-W-52263 QQS-763C, QQS-764C, ASTM-A-582
431 MIL-S-18732 QQS-763, DMS-1585, ASTM-A-276, AMS-5628, AMS-2303
440 A   QQS-763, AMS-5631, ASTM-A-276
440 C   QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440 C Prec. Cond.   QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440 C “Cutlery Supply”   QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440 C Vac Melt   QQS-763,AMS-5630,AMS-5618 (Except Phos. Content). ASTM-A-276, RBO-160-164, BEMS-25003D
440 F Se   QQS-764B, ASTM-A-582, AMS-5632 Type 2
446   QQS-763
Nitronic 40 (21-6-9)   AMS-5656, ASTM-A-276
Nitronic 50 (XM-19)   AMS-5764A, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-479, ASTM-A-193
              (22-13-5)   GR-B8R, ASTM-A-276
Nitronic 60   ASTM-A-479, ASTM-A-276, (S2 1800) AMS-5848
Alloy 20   ASTM-B-473

Available in Round, Flat, Square & Hex

Foil, Forgings, Rings, Shim Stock, Strip and Wire also available

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